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Selected publications and activities - contact me for a complete curriculum.

Current projects, include:

Forthcoming events

    9 October, Facilitator of workshop about stimulating innovation at regional levels, at the European Open Days.

    15 October, Rapporteur for the conference about Informal Learning with Etienne Wenger at the eLearning Conference in Lisbon.

    16 October, Rapporteur for the the workshop about Learning Communities with Etienne Wenger at the eLearning conference in Lisbon.

    17 October, Facilitator for a session about European Communities of Practice, EQUAL, Lisbon


    Documentalist for Knowledge Expeditions at the KM4Dev workshop, 18 - 20 June 2007, Zeist, Netherlands.
    Guest speaker, ESF Summer School, Cagliari, Sardinia. "Working collaboratively: is it an individual or a group experience?" (11 June, 2007)

    Seminar presentation, Formez (Centro de Formazione Studi), Cagliari. "Web 2.0 tools and technologies: what do they mean for community?" (12 June 2007)

    Coordinating an online and face-to-face workshop for THEKA, a Gulbenkein project for school libraries in Portugal.
    Guest speaker, INOV@R, Associaçao da Escolas dos Concelhos de Mangualde e Penalva do Castelo. "Comunidades de Prática". (9 May, 2007)
    "From knowledge to skills - communities and practices", presentation of a workshop at the symposium on Skills for the Future, Leeds, UK, 9 - 19 November, 2006
    "A conference paper about narrative, community memory and technologies – or from piles of books around a sofa to an ongoing collaborative literature review in a wiki", Patricia Arnold, John Smith & Beverly Trayner, at the Community Informatics Research Network Conference, Prato, 9th - 11th October, 2006.
    CPSquare Dialogue in Florence, Italy about "Remembering and Forgetting in Communities of Practice." 5th - 8th October, 2006.
    "Designing for learning: communities of practice and web2.0 technologies" presented at SHiFT, 28th - 29th September, Lisboa, 2006

Recent Publications (book chapters)

    Trayner, B., Smith, J. & Bettoni, M. (forthcoming) “Participation in International Virtual Learning Communities: a Social Learning Perspective”. In Web Information Systems and Technologies. Springer Publishers.

    Arnold, P., Smith, J., Trayner, B. (2006) “Narrative: designing for context in virtual settings”. In Managing Learning in Virtual Settings: the Role of Context, Figueiredo, A.D. e Afonso, A.P (eds) Hershey, PA: Idea Group, Inc.

    Trayner, B. (2004) “Babel in the international café”. In Communities and Technologies, Huysman, M. Wenger, E. Wulf, V. (eds) Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Available for download from this page.

    Mavor, S. & Trayner, B. (2003) “Exclusion in international online learning communities”. In Electronic Learning Communities: Current Issues and Best Practices, Reisman, S. (eds) Conneticut: Information Age Publishing.

Recent Conference Papers, include:

    Arnold, P., Smith, J. & Trayner, B. (2006) "A conference paper about narrative, community memory and technologies – or from piles of books around a sofa to an ongoing collaborative literature review in a wiki" at the 3rd Prato International Community Informatics Conference, Monash University, Italy.

    Smith, J. & Trayner, B. (2005) ”Weaving Together Online and Face-To-Face Learning: A Design From A Communities Of Practice Perspective” in the Conference Proceedings of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, Vancouver, Canada.

Guest Speaker (in Portuguese) includes:

    “Comunidades, práticas e novas tecnologias - o CoP2.0” Projecto Equal, 22 February, 2006, Lisboa, Portugal.

    Sessão de abertura: Comunicação intitulada “Comunidades de Prática: uma estória”. apresentada no encontro “As TIC nas EB1” promovido pela Escola Superior de Educação de Setúbal, 14 de Maio 2004, Setúbal.

    Sessão de encerramento: Comunicação intitulada “Comunidades de Prática: walking the talk” apresentada no “Congresso: A importância da Validação e Certificação de Competências na Qualificação dos Adultos”, promovida pela Rede de Validação e Comunicação dos Competências (RVCC), 4 de Novembro 2003, Lisboa.

Online Course Design and Facilitation includes

    Designer and facilitator (in Portuguese) of an online workshop for animadores of the Equal Programme on "Communities, practices and Web 2.0 technologies" (2006)

    Course designer of "Strategies for Combatting Social Exclusion at a Local Level", CIARIS, International Labour Organisation. The modules have been translated into Portuguese and Romanian, and the course has run in Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Brazil, Portugal and Romenia.

    Co-facilitator and technology designer of the above course in Moodle, with support for regional facilitators of the course (2006)

    Co-designer and facilitator of a workshop for Portuguese teachers working in projects related to exlusion in schools:Facilitating learning events in Communities of Practice (2004).

    Designer and facilitator of the course module “Multiliteracies for Collaborative Learning Online” in the Post-graduate Certificate of Online Education and Training, University of London (2002 - 2003).

    Designer for a module on “Intercultural Communication in Online Communities” in the Post-graduate Certificate of Online Education and Training, University of Bocconi, Milan, Italy (2002).

    Regional tutor for Portuguese participants in the Post-graduate Certificate of Online Education and Training, University of London. (2001 - 2003)

Participation in Conference Organising or Academic Committee

    Member of academic committee for Community Informatics at the international conference, “On the move – to Meaningful Internet systems and Ubiquitous Computing”, Montpellier, France, 29 October – 3 November, 2006.

    Member of advisory and academic committee, international conference organised by the University of Monash, Australia, "Constructing and sharing memory: community informatics, identity and empowerment", Prato, Italy 9-11 October, 2006.

    Co-organiser of the “Dialogue about Communities of Practice, Memory and Technologies”, 5 – 9 October, 2006, Florenzia, Itália.

    Member of the advisory group for the SHiFT conference: Social and Human ideas For Technology, 26 – 29 September, 2006, Lisboa, Portugal.


When I'm not at the computer I'm in the Serra de Arrábida doing cross-country cycling. I also love red wine and good conversations.

I grew up in Kenya, which shaped my enthusiasm for people, the outdoors and wide horizons. It also helps explain why I don't watch T.V.