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Monday, September 11, 2006


Bill Williams

Thanks for giving us a peek behind the scenes Bev - it allows us readers to learn from the process, albeit vicariously.

I suspect many people, me included, feel they are pretty busy and don't have enough time to really ponder the underlying issues and objectives and so we tend to go with a tried and tested meeting strategy or software. Whereas you are being more ambitious here.

I'm keen to see how your reflective and analytical and approach to this event works out.

Beverly Trayner

Thanks Bill! No-one could ever accuse me of taking the easy road :-)


Hi, yesterday we had a meeting on Dgroups, and the more I learn about it, the more I like the way it works, as it is designed with low-bandwith users in mind. But I guess the problem is that you either need to be a partner, or working with a partner (21 organisations now already) to be able to open a Dgroup. Most people prefer it to yahoo group as it is simpler and has no adds. But thanks for sharing this! I have a long due blogpost on Dgroups, will post it soon.

Beverly Trayner

Thanks Joitske ... look forward to your post.

josien kapma

this is so very cool!
I really hope to be able to use tidbits in my work with emerging learning communities - thanks a lot for sharing with us.

Beverly Trayner

It's great to know it's useful. Keeps me posting!!


Hi Bev! This is a my try to get into contact! I will be arround!

Beverly Trayner

Hey Magda, I was happy to see your name pop up here on Knownet!


Yes, Bev! I have been in Geneva last week and I attended a conference on research in education. I presented there my story as facilitator of an online course and I shared what I have learned! The role of online facilitators that you guided us to are flying around! I have attended also an workshop on Personal Learning Environment and I would be curious to see how your personal learning map would look like!

Beverly Trayner

Magda, my personal learning map would be quite a busy one :-)

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I'm getting ready for the online preparation phase of a face-to-face meeting that will be taking place in Lisbon in October. People from different parts of the world will be spending an afternoon together because they are all partners in a programme in which each one plays a crucial part in their specific local context, but who haven't had a chance to see the wider context in which they are all working.

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