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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Michele Martin

You know, at the heart of both Kathy's general philosophy, as well as this particular post is her belief that the role of education/training is to help the user "kick a**." That means focusing on the learner first, understanding and building upon the learner's interests and competencies and being aware of the particular issues learners will need to address. It's about creating a particular kind of culture and belief system as much as about trying to convey specific knowledge.

To me part of the problem in all brands of education is an ongoing belief in the "teacher" as someone who is an expert who instructs other people in his/her area of expertise. There's obviously a place for that in any learning situation, but we don't seem to have mastered how to be co-learners who are sharing a sort of learning journey together. Extremely frustrating.

Beverly Trayner

Thanks for passing by Michele.

There's a lot at stake from Institutions and colleagues if you rock the boat with a re-negotiated view of learning and teaching. YOu have to be pretty persistant!

Michele Martin

You're right, Bev about the need for persistence. I keep thinking about The Tipping Point and the need to find the right people to work on in the system. If they can be persuaded to think differently, then the rest of the system can come along.

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