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Sunday, November 26, 2006



Thanks for your comments. We also have Technorati Flake. You can add it from the following url:

We recently have launched our Community Portal where you will be able find our all Flakes, RSS, PodCast, Public Pages and Page Templates etc.



Por vezes uso o netvibes, mas acho que pelo teu comentario deverias optar pelo Pageflakes.

Beverly Trayner

Thanks. I did see that Technorati flake but it wasn't what I was referring to. You have a technorati search flake, but I was thinking of the one on Netvibes which is for specific technorati tags.

Beverly Trayner

Sim, Ricardo. Acho que teres raizão. Estou a gostar cada vez mais o aspecto do Pageflakes.



For reading lots of feeds, you can use the bookmark option. Instead of adding each feed as a rss flake, you can add them in bookmark and read then all in newspaper view or outlook view from the RSS Reader.

Beverly Trayner

Thanks for the tip Shahed. I still have the problem, though, that some feeds won't go on the page OR in the bookmarks. It fetches the feed but then won't put it anywhere.

Ole Brandenburg

Can you please give me some example URLs of feeds that don't work or can't be added?


Beverly Trayner

Thanks Ole. I can't find your email address, but the feeds are those that I put in the forum, in Bugs and Problems/Not adding feeds to the page. (I also sent them to Cristoph's email, but he must be away.)

There are also some others, but I guess if we resolve those, then it will start working for the others. I tried those same feeds on another page I started, but they didn't work there either.

Note: it successfully fetches the feed, it just doesn't do anything when I add it to the page (or to bookmarks).

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