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Friday, August 10, 2007


Michele Martin

Bev, I love what you say here about how the different modalities of interaction change and enhance power relationships and our sense of each person's personality and contributions. We need all formats to really have the richest connections. Great point!

Also--the learning cycle is one of action/reflection/action/reflection. To me, face-to-face tends to favor action in many ways, while online interactions tend to favor reflection--at least in terms of how I see most meetings being run. Ideally both modalities would embrace both activities, but in those cases where they don't, then at least the nature of those modalities can enhance the process.

And on a purely logistical level, as you point out with using online activities prior to a face-to-face meeting, it really can make your f2f meetings more valuable and productive if you've done some prior work online. You definitely get more bang for the buck!

Again, great post and thanks for sharing this!

Barb McD

Bev, I can attest to the richness that spending time online meant for my husband and me when we met f2f. We chatted (and used many other web-based tools) for 2-1/2 years BEFORE we met f2f. In that 2-1/2 years we had fallen in love, but needed the f2f experience to see if the chemistry was there. It was. This whole notion that f2f is required to really get to know someone just doesn't jive with my experience (and I'm not talking about only my husband). There is can be mobilization and fruitfulness online, when it's needed. For what it's worth, I've been married for almost 5 years and I have yet to be surprised by anything my husband has said or done. I had learned all about him without any f2f interaction.

Beverly Trayner

That's a great example Barb that I had forgotten about when I was writing. Your story makes me wonder if you would have reached the same point in your relationship now if it had begun f2f, or if your relationship is different because it began f2f.

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