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Saturday, August 11, 2007



Wow! Amazing story! I think this would do a great novel!
The mother could become the online best friend of the girl in the blog and work as an infiltrate to keep receiving information from inside!

Just a thought...

Bev Trayner

You're right! Great story line Paulo. Then, the mother discovering her dark side starts discovering ways she can manipulate the girl in the blog. It began with small, well-meaning suggestions that the girl responded to and reported back on... until one day ....!


Hi, nice example of the impact of having everything online! I think it's just OK to read it, after all it's a public blog. I hope we will only get smarter at understanding people and people's reactions by having more thoughts and feelings openly available on the web, especially through weblogs...

Occasionally people ask me whether it's allowed to subscribe to my blog, by the way.

Beverly Trayner

"Occasionally people ask me whether it's allowed to subscribe to my blog".

And that is why we have to keep checking our assumptions about what meaning other people give all this Web2.0 stuff. Fascinating.

Bill Williams

I sympathize with the mother's dilemma - makes me squirm just hearing about it!
>I think it's just OK to read it, after all it's a public blog.
Well, ethically I guess it's OK ... but if it was me I really wouldn't want to.
Too much information!

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