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Tuesday, October 09, 2007



You shouldn´t be so radical on your positions. At least in ESCE case it isn't true that "Never, at any stage in the training" we got to try anything for ourselves. We actually did, after the introductory sessions, and I believe that we will continue to do it as we start using it. Even if you know that Moodle is far from being the best available tool for e-learning the truth is that it has some potential, at least to start exploring the field. Besides, even the more passive part of the training were we sitted there listening was useful. I learned a lot from listening to you and it isn't so hard has discover and learn everything on your own, has you already recognised in a previous post on your blor. Learning by watching and interactingo can be very powerful wouldn't you say?

Bev Trayner

Moodle's got great potential in lots of contexts. I think listening to someone explaining how to use the functions is about the least effective way to explore that potential.

And P.S. That's not a very radical position!

matt small

Isn't this complaint more about the training format (lecture vs. lab) than about Moodle?

Bev Trayner

You're right Matt... and the irony is that new forms of learning are being propagated by old forms. But don't get me started!

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