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Saturday, December 08, 2007



Bugger! Gimme back my present.

Bev Trayner

Don't worry Wayne, I'll save it till July :-)

Joao Dias

Well.. has Alice in wonderland was told...

happy un-birthday day! :)


Bev Trayner

all birthday wishes welcome :-)

btw - several people asked where you were at the blogger's almoço.


won't that make you older more quickly?

Bev Trayner

Yes! And wiser!!

Joao Dias

At a saturday morroning? probably sleeping friday night off :P

To be frank, has we no longer are "together", I thought I would be kinda of in the way, seeing has I don't have a blog about setubal, or am from setubal... :)

give my best's for everyone, and... btw, rogerio has ever sold lucys book at his shop? I want several of them for christmas :)

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